Jim interview with MTV at Comic-Con an hour ago.

Happy/Sad/Confused. With Jim Parsons. @therealjimparsons #happysadconfused #jimparsons #sdcc


And another one… This is beyond inconceivable.

So is this an Executive Bruce or an Executive Sheila? Or an Executive… Breila?

So is this an Executive Bruce or an Executive Sheila? Or an Executive… Breila?

Another one?

@stardustmelody77: Yes, it’s just dreadful. You always hope lightning won’t strike twice so close, but there it happens again. Poor people.

The one and only criticism I have about Monty Python’s show at the O2 is that they should have let Graham sing the whole “Christmas in Heaven” bit, not just the first few lines. I mean it’s all on tape, so why not use all of it? The dancers and other Pythons could have come out on stage and sung along. After all, they only showed about two clips of Graham throughout the whole show, so it’s a real shame they cut off his number at the end.

Rant over. Everything else about this show was fantastic.

"I’m such a swine baby
All down the line daddy
I hate your kind baby
So unreliable"

— Michael Jackson - Morphine

Dammit, I didn’t find the Norwegian Blue at the O2 on Saturday, I wanted to see the poor sod!

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Live last night, 19 July 2014 :)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable…

Eddie [Baby] Izzard was last night’s Celebrity Blackmail guest at Monty Python live (Mostly) at the O2… What a treat to see him. Oh, and I believe Noel Fielding was there in the audience, too!

Thank you my lovelies for being so silly and giving me the time of my life.

45 years of laughter, and millions more to come…

Received my custom designed Monty Python shirt from Spreadshirt today. Given my poor Photoshop skills, I went for something fairly simple and in greyscale, and to be honest I think it looks bloody good. The back is a collection of some of my fave MPFC quotes.

I originally wanted to make this tee five years ago to wear to Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” concert at the O2, which, ironically, I was going to see on the 18th of July 2009. I had this fantasy that, on the off chance I met MJ after the show, I’d ask him if he liked Python. Why? Because I love the idea of my heroes loving one another.

Anyway, none of this happened in the end, so no use talking about it. I’m just glad I have the shirt now, and that I’ll get to wear it at the show tomorrow. I’m all set for Python epicness.

That moment when Noel Fielding is us // 4 July 2014 — [x] [x]

Aw ♥

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Good Heavens…